Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That One Time I...

...ALMOST got pickpocketed
I always imagined that the moment someone tried to pickpocket me, I would straight up curse them out or maybe even throw a few punches to teach them a lesson. But when it actually happened to me, I was like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what was going on and all I could think was Shiza!!! Did she take anything? What did she take? OMG my wallet was in there. And my camera! OMG I’m dead. I’m alive but I’m dead.

Anyway, if you’re curious to know; it happened at Potsdamer Platz on my way to Berlinale. She skillfully trapped me in the revolving door and unzipped my backpack. I mean, what a freakin’ ninja she was! I didn't even know she was behind me even though we were in such close quarters. Luckily, I heard my backpack unzip and reacted quickly. But I wasn't even sure if she actually unzipped my backpack at that point because when I turned around, she was just standing there, poker-faced and dead-eyed…

Thankfully, she wasn't able to take anything but if this ever happens to me again, I’m gonna dropkick whoever it is in the face. You best believe.

…attended Berlinale          
Berlinale was an excursion with my film class so we were, therefore, unable to choose the films we were watching. We actually had to sit through two consecutive films from 7pm to 12am and that was kind of rough on our brains and our behinds. But even so, Berlinale was a total blast for me...probably because I have a long suppressed inclination towards the film industry and being able to have a Q&A with the directors after was sehr interessant.
Director Q&A
We watched two foreign films: a Greek film, Sto Spiti, and a Turkish film, Kumun Tadi. I’ll admit I enjoyed Sto Spiti much more than I did Kumun Tadi; but overall, I’m developing a very deep appreciation for foreign films. We don’t have access to very many in the States so it’s nice to be exposed to them while I’m here. And through my film class, I’m learning that European cinema is very different from Hollywood movies. For one, European films require much more mental engagement and reflection. Hollywood movies are almost purely for entertainment. So all in all, it’s been quite the cultural edification.
Of all the things I saw at the zoo, I'd like to share with you: zebra butts. 
…went to the zoo
There’s no interesting story here. I just wanted to tell you about the cool things I’m doing. Also, Christie Margaris sent me on an unofficial mission to the zoo because she wanted me to see the polar bears. But, honestly, the polar bear exhibition was kind of depressing. All the animals, actually, looked like they were going out of their minds because they’re literally trapped in a box. I hate to admit that the zoo was fun because the animals were so obviously suffering. But the zoo was fun.

Sorry if you get motion sickness...
I was trying to clap and record. 

Fuβball pride wooo!
…clapped my frozen hands red at my first Fuβball game
Coming from a school where soccer is a huge deal, I mean it when I say that the German soccer fans are way, way intense. I think I enjoyed watching the fans cheer and sing and chant almost more than I liked watching super fit men kick a ball around a huge field. Haha. I was clueless half the time I was in the stadium because everything was happening in German but we all cheered in unison, and that's what counts. I had way more emotional investment in the game than I realized by the end so it was quite devastating when Berlin lost to Wolfsburg. But yeah, if you come to Berlin, please try to drop in on a soccer football game because it’s a completely unique experience.

…spent a week in Italy
Just kidding. That’s next week! Because it’s Spring Break, y’all, and I’m going to eat pizza and pasta and gelato until I want to dieeeeeeeee. Make sure you send me on missions. I will gladly add them to my list!  


  1. Thank goodness you had fast response time! :) I laughed at the zebra butts. Definitely wish I attended a sports event because damn your video shows the intensity of peoples fandom. Aww. I'm excited to read about Italy! As always say safe, healthy and have fun!

  2. Good hearing and very alert. That was great that you did not lose anything and had no injury. Your trip has lots of excitements. Yes, Soccer is such hot sport.