Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Travel High

Can traveling be an addiction? This is a serious question.  True, one might say that studying abroad basically implies that I am in a constant state of traveling so what the heck are you talking about, Michelle? But in my opinion, there is a huge difference between the routinized days spent in Berlin and the jam-packed weekend excursions spent running around in a new city. The latter requires much more thought, planning, flexibility, and, more than anything, energy. I’d have to say, it’s a pretty magical kind of energy, sustained by the voice in the back of your head that’s constantly reminding you “Dude. You’re in Prague. Step up your game and do more things!” And so I did…many things, in fact! Including, but not limited to:

1.       Receive a welcome-beer from a kind stranger who thought it was absurd that we ordered water at a brewery in Prague. 

2.    Literally take pictures of EVERYTHING because, guys, Prague is picture-perfect beautiful and you really just can’t get enough. 

3.       Run around like children taking selfies on a River Cruise Tour because the boat was empty except for us so we had #noshame (Mission Item!)

4.       Be Asian tourists on the Charles Bridge…also #noshame

5.       Eat delicious foods.

6.       Go on an elaborate pub crawl with a very international group of tourists. 

7.       Explore Prague Castle. 

There were two additional missions given to me by my friends at UCEAP but I failed to fully complete them (haha…bad start). 
  • Go to the ice bar: which I didn’t technically do…but I went to the club that was attached to the ice bar and had a really good time! Hahaha…it was probably for the better that I didn’t get a drink there anyway :P

  • See a Black Light Theater Show: which I found and intended to go to but missed the start time. Whoops. I’m pretty bummed about this one but you win some you lose some.
In the club that's attatched to the Ice Bar...it looks like I'm in ice doesn't it?
Plus I'm in blacklight so it kind of satisfies both requirements....
But to make up for that, I gave myself a new mission: Do something new in every city. In this case, I tried the most amazing Czech tartar (I ate RAW MEAT, guys!) at an 80’s theme café (ahh! How cool?!) and it was one of the best things I did on this trip.

After three days of can’t stop, won’t stop action, you build a kind of momentum that can only be summed up as a travel high. So hopefully, you can see where I’m going with this travel addiction thing. Of course, every high is followed by an inevitable low. Like, for example, that moment you get back to your lonely studio apartment, where you’re no longer in the constant presence of your friends, and you have nothing else planned and you realize it’s Chinese New Year, which leads to your first bout of real homesickness. That kind of low. Haha. I know studying abroad is supposed to be this amazing experience and there’s no possible reason to not enjoy every moment but I’d like to reserve the right to sulk about missing my friends and family. Because that’s part of being abroad too.

On that note, Prague was amazing and I’m basically hooked on this ability to bounce around from country to country so it’s a good thing I’m going to Norway this weekend. (Shout out to Emma and Jon, my ex-neighbors and favorite Norwegians ever. Can’t wait to belt Backstreet Boys ballads and rap to Eminem with you guys! WOOOOO!)

Happy Year of the Horse, friends. May it bring you more happiness and success than it did the Broncos.


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