Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Lowdown on MIA March

Guten Tag, everybody! Sorry I've been MIA this past month. You'll be glad to know that I am alive and well! Truth is, things have died down a bit after my return from Italy…everything seems slower and duller after a week of intense traveling. And the schoolwork’s gotta get done some time…am I right?

Proof that I do work sometimes
Anyway, I think I felt silly reporting on mundane things that I was doing in Berlin because I’m not off sightseeing everyday anymore. I now spend my days rolling around my apartment with pre-loaded TV episodes, cooking, cleaning, and airing out smokey clothing from my weekend rendezvous. (By the way, for all you club rats: I got into Berghain. TEHE. Good thing people that go there probably don’t read blogs cause if anyone saw this, they’d probably never let me in again.)
Snuck a pic at Berghain at the risk of getting kicked out
because I NEEDED PROOF. 
On a more eventful note, my program took us on a weeklong excursion to Munich and Vienna a few weeks back. Munich was fun but filled with wealthy people and tourists. Berlin will always be my favorite city in Germany. Vienna, on the other hand was absolutely beautiful and had sooo much to offer. There were tons of cafes, pretty buildings, lovely parks, and secret alleyways. It's definitely a city I'd return to someday. During this week, I

…consumed an absurd amount of meat.

Munich: That one night I ate multiple animals in one sitting 

Vienna: That one day I had a schnitzel
that was bigger than my face.
And also some AMAZING potato salad.
…drank an even more absurd amount of beer (but fear not. The beer in Bavaria is supposed to be extremely pure and actually good for you. Did you know monks drank beer when they fasted to get the necessary nutrients? I’d say that’s proof enough.)

Half liter
Graduated to a full liter
And then there was this guy
…went to a lot of museums.

On the Bellevedere Museum Terrace.
Beautiful, isn't it?
That's because it was a palace once. 
…went to even more palaces (FOUR to be exact). I have to say…I’ve never felt more like a peasant in my life. No wonder the people in King’s Landing are so freaking pissed off right now…but if they knew the kind of luxury the royal families actually had, shit would definitely hit the fan. (Sorry for the nerd-out. Season 4 just started…GAHHH!)
Dancing in the great hall
You'd be this happy too if you lived in a palace
….and took illegal pictures in traditional German-wear J

I also did one of those things where I decided to hop on a train last minute and ended up in the capital of Bratislava, Slovakia! And being the ignorant tourists that we are, we walked around pretty aimlessly for a while because we assumed no one could speak English. But here’s a tip for you: EVERYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH. When we finally figured that out, was pretty much smooth sailing from there. And by smooth sailing, I mean we were able to find tons of places to take pictures...because there really isn’t much else in Bratislava.

In a castle courtyard
On a castle well
Us being children
Accepting a hat from a fake man
The Blue Church that looks like fondant
So I’m pretty much wrapping up my last month in Berlin L The last two weeks have been completely swamped with papers and presentations because…well, I am and always have been a big fat procrastinator...so it’s my own fault really. But the four sleepless nights I spent playing catch-up is a pretty fair trade for all the other days I spend frolicking around the city country continent.

Speaking of which: as soon as the program ends, I have quite an itinerary [Brussels-Paris-Barcelona-London-Dublin-Budapest J J J] I'm already starting to feel sad that my time in Berlin is ending but it'smokay because that's when you’re really gonna get to travel Europa with me! 


  1. Your adventures make me happy. :) wish I could explore the continent with you post-program. Send me a postcard please!

  2. I actually read through everything this time! Loving the pics too though